Deebo Domination Oil

Deebo Domination Oil


Deebo Domination Oil is hand crafted by yours truly to coerce, dominate, and subdue others. Especially useful with unruly baby daddies, oppressive and violent authority figures, court papers, disrespectful bosses, and people who owe you money.

A bottle in a domination jar is enough to successfully keep someone under your thumb. You can also dress selected roots, grisgris and candles with Deebo, or use this oil in a lamp.

Contents are toxic to ingest, please keep AWAY from children and do not feed it to any targets. Typically dressing your hands with the oil when you touch your target is enough.

To be clear, this is coercion, and is intended for adult use only.

Pre-Orders will be bottled and shipped 08.17.18

Please use wisely.

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